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Coruva by Jaydas is a fashion house that designs carnival wear and also offers distinct swimwear designs. All our pieces are individually handmade in the Netherlands. 


Our founder, Jayda Winter, is a fashion designer, making custom pieces to flatter and enhance all shapes and sizes. With a small team of like-minded and skilled individuals, we thrive to be distinct in our pieces with exceptional attention to detail. 


What started off as a passion for creating tailored garments has begun a transformation into the world of feathers, glitter, fabulousness and all things carnival. 
After being mesmerized by other costume designers, she approached Flora Nabena of Mas With A Difference who is a renowned designer in her own right. Jayda began learning the fine arts of carnival costume making and thus took her first plunge into the industry with a section in Berlin’s Karneval der Kulturen.


ADA is Coruva by Jaydas first section and will be on the road with Carnival Fever in Berlin, Germany.


Stay tuned for more!

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